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FL5080 Digital Computer CTP Machine High Energy Power 256 Channels LV Technology

1 set
usd 150000 per set
FL5080 Digital Computer CTP Machine High Energy Power 256 Channels LV Technology
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Model: FL5080
Description: VLF Flexo CTP Machine
Exposing Method: External Drum
Speed: 3 Sqm Per Hour Or 5 Sqm Per Hour
Resolution: 5080 Dpi, Can Be Extended To 10160 Dpi
Maxk Size: 2032*1270 Mm
Min, Size: 200*200 Mm
Plate Thickness: 0.14-6.35mm
Plate Type: Dry Ablation Film, Digital Flexo/letter Press Plate
High Light:

256 Channels CTP Machine


Digital Computer CTP Machine


High Energy Power CTP Plate Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ecoographix
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: FL5080
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 35-60 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets per year
Product Description

Model: FL5080

Description: Digital computer to flexo plate imagesetter CTP machine; A full-size 50-inch * 80-inch flexo plate-making machine



FL5080 Digital Computer CTP Machine High Energy Power 256 Channels LV Technology 0

FL5080 is designed based on a high energy power fiber laser and independent control of 256 channels LV technology. It is a new breakthrough in the limitation of energy power. Together with laser distance detection and voice coil motor dynamic autofocus device, it can ensure an accurate focus on the media substrate surface disregarding the variance on flexo plate material. This technology know-how is unique.


Features and technology 


Using a high energy power fiber laser device, at 5080dpiit only takes 30 minutes to output a full image size of a 50inchx80inch plate. It can also allow to increase productivity by 10% for urgent needs. In this way, the customer can meet the deadline of some urgent jobs.


256 channels independent modulating technology allows the laser to split into 256 channels with control of each channel which greatly increases productivity. The laser spot shape is a rectangle type which can deliver a much better dot quality and performance of image output.


The H256 laser head uses a new high-power magnification optical system to achieve a 5080 dpi optical resolution.


At 5080dpi, it can image a slant or circular line as fine as 15um; for vertical and horizontal lines, it can be as fine as 5um. Each image pixel is very sharp and clear. This increases the color fidelity by 30%.


This new generation of Light Valve Device can also allow to raise the resolution to 10160dpi. At this super high resolution, the laser spot size is 2.5umx2.5um and can image 5 or fewer um lines.


The LV head can also support 2540 dpi output. If the requirement of imaging output is not critical, the mode of output can be adjusted to double line overlapping exposure which can greatly increase productivity to 150%.


A voice coil motor device is used for dynamic autofocus function. This can ensure accurate focus during exposure on the non-uniform surface of the flexo plate.


Double lines and triple lines overlapping functions can allow the LAMS ablation with superior image quality and efficiency for flexo plate exposure.


Instant temperature monitoring and pre-calibration of the laser head can make sure the laser exposure is stable and reliable.

Technical data 


Model FL5080S FL5080F
Exposing Mothod External Drum
Imaging System 1064nm filber laser device (H256 heads)
Throughput 3 sqm/hour at 5080 dpi 5 sqm/hour at 5080 dpi
  50*80 inch, takes 45 minutes 50*80 inch, takes 30 minutes
Exposing Size Max.size 1270*2032mm, min. Size 200*200mm
Media Type Dry ablation film, Digital water washing letterpress plate. Digital water washing flexo plate, Digital solvent washing flexo plate
Plate Thickness 0.140mm to 6.35mm
Resolution 5080DPI (compatible with 2540DPI) , can extend to support 10160DPI
Plate Loading Automatic/Manual plate loading
Net Weight 2500kg
Machine Size
2970*1705*1537mm (L*W*H)
Power Supply Three phase voltage: 380V, Max. Power (peak value) 16 kw
recommended:15-30℃, Max.21-25℃, humidity:40-70%

FL5080 Digital Computer CTP Machine High Energy Power 256 Channels LV Technology 1

Square spot vs. Round spot


When using a round dot spot for imaging, the diameter of the spot size should match the image dot size. For example, for 5080dpi, the image dot pixel size is 5umx5umwhich is like a square area. So if using a round light spot size of 5u diameter, the light cannot expose the four corners of the square area. In order to ensure the light spot can expose the full image pixel area, the round dot spot diameter needs to be a larger size which is equivalent to the diagonal length of the square area. That is 7.07um which is 1.414 times the dot size as shown below.


A 5um diameter spot size cannot expose the full square area while a 7um diameter spot size causes unwanted exposure on some areas over overlapping each other. This creates an irregular image with an arc-shaped edge.


So some optics development fellows try to select the optimum diameter of light spot instead of using a 7.07um diameter size. However, no matter what diameter or dot size is chosen, there is still some deficiency in quality.


For a rectangle dot shape, it allows development fellows to choose a 5umx5umum size spot which completely exposes the full square area as shown below.

FL5080 Digital Computer CTP Machine High Energy Power 256 Channels LV Technology 2

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