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13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books

13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books
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Product Name: Offset Printer For Books
Usage: Paper Printer, Cloths Printer, Book Printer
Printing Speed: 13000
Max. Sheet Size: 740*1050mm
Min. Sheet Size: 360*520mm
Paper Thickness: 0.06-0.8mm
Max. Image Area: 720*1020mm
Plate Size: 788*1050*0.3mm
Blanket Size: 910*1060*1.95mm
Max. Feeder Pile Height: 1180mm
Specification: 9560*3450*2150mm
High Light:

Four Color Books Label Printing Machine


0.8mm Books Offset Printing Machine


13000sph Offset Printing Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EcooGraphix
Certification: ISO9000, CE
Model Number: ECOO-JY 41050
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard Exporting Package: Polywood Carton
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 500 Sets/Year
Product Description

Four Color Offset Printing Machine

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Product Description



JY41050 folio four-color offset printing machine features short water and ink roller distances to enable a more economical printing with low, or no, alcohol. Suitable for ultra-wide format and 0.8 mm thick paper, 13,000 sheets per hour for high production packaging printing.


1. Vacuum suction variable speed belt type paper feeding, paper feeding synchronous adjustment mechanism;
2. Conjugate cam driven downward swinging paper transfer mechanism;
3. The pneumatic side gauge, front gauge, and paper pressing tongue are separated, and the front gauge moves up and down in a reciprocating motion, which can be adjusted as a whole in front, back, and tilt. The paper pressing tongue swings in a fixed axis;
4. One line paper roller, printing roller arranged at seven o'clock, with shoulder iron printing;
5. The adjustment of the biting force and biting time of the embossing drum is completed by the torsion spring rod and eccentric bearing;
6. Air cushion guide plate paper feeding;
7. Remote control partition ink hopper, controlled by 32 ink spoon motors, can adjust and change the ink supply amount on the central console;
8. The short ink path system with 08.16 ink rollers ensures fast ink control reaction speed, while increasing the diameter of the ink rollers to ensure a certain amount of ink storage;
9. The ink path system has an automatic separation function, which can quickly achieve ink water balance during the printing process;
10. The intermediate roller can choose different working methods based on the size of printing ink volume;
11. The paper buffer adopts a separate motor drive, frequency converter control, and stepless speed regulation method. The appropriate working speed can be selected according to the actual printing conditions;
12. Optional water roller speed change device. After the function is activated, dirt such as ink and paper fuzz are removed from the printing plate under the effect of speed difference.


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Model Ecoo JY 41050
Max. Sheet size(mm) 740*1050mm
Min. Sheet size(mm) 360*520mm
Machine speed 13000sph
Paper thickness 0.06-0.8mm
Max.image area 720*1020mm
Plate size 788*1050*0.3mm
Blanket size 910*1060*1.95mm
Max.feeder pile height 1180mm pile height 1080mm
Motor power 37kw
Machine size 9560*3450*2150mm
Weight 36000kg


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Machine Spare Parts


13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 3


Pneumatic side gauge:
1. Adopting negative pressure adsorption and left-right movable vacuum gauge, users do not need to adjust the pressure frequently according to the thickness of the paper, as long as the air pressure is simply adjusted according to the lateral positioning of the paper
2. It will not cause scratches on the front of the printed matter and affect the quality of the printed matter
3. Specially treated coating with high friction and strong adaptability
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 4
Central ink console:
1. Configure an ink control sample viewing platform, allowing users to adjust ink color online in real-time based on the print sample
2. A file that can store thousands of ink color settings for prints, allowing for easy reproduction of previous tones, greatly reducing the technical requirements for printing technicians
3. Support CIP3/CIP4 processes and communication protocols
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 5
Separate front gripper:
1. The lower front gauge adopts a straight up and down motion and is separated from the paper pressing action, resulting in long paper stabilization time and high paper positioning accuracy
2. The paper pressing mechanism is equipped with rollers, effectively reducing scratches on the back of the paper
3. Five fiber optic detection devices are arranged at the front gauge to quickly identify and lock paper delivery faults such as skewness, over tension, and early arrival
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 6
Three-roll alcohol dampening system:
1. Adopting a three roll short waterway design, the water supply is faster and the alcohol consumption is low
2. The water bucket roller is directly driven by a frequency conversion synchronous motor, and is strongly driven by the plate water roller to meet the changes in the amount of water fed to different prints
3. The water roller can be easily cleaned through program control, reducing the labor intensity of operators
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 7
Feeder with rotary air valve - The feeder mechanism pairs a cam with a linear guide for smooth running. The patented rotary air valve automatically removes impurities on the paper, which helps reduce the failure rate. The upper and lower limits of the paper pile are protected by the feeder
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 8
Transmission system:
Transmission system - a large modulus helical gear accurately maintains transmissions and reduces noise. The lay-on roller is designed for stability and durability with high-speed printing
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 9
Air vacuum paper feeding technology:
1. Throughout the printing process, the part facing the image and text is transmitted and received using an axial flow fan controlled air guide plate to generate air cushion paper support, which can be adjusted according to the texture of the printed material to minimize scratches on the paper
2. Made of high-quality stainless steel molding
3. Air ducts and hole positions simulate the movement of airflow and paper, scientifically calculate and arrange them
13000sph Four Color Offset Printing Machine For Books 10
Touch screen
1. Adopting fieldbus control technology, touch based operation, simple and clear.
2. Humanized work interface, integrated adjustment and production management functions.
3. High resolution, fast response speed, and long service life.
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Q: What about the Installation and after-sales technician support?

A: Our engineer can go to help the installation and provide the necessary training. The buyer should take the round air plane tickets and service charge and the local accommodation cost. Any problems or questions, we will be at your disposal 7x24 hours.
Among our large amount of CTP installations worldwide, there are also many end users (printers) who have purchased the CTP products from EcooGraphix China directly and EcooGraphix technical service team support these installations remotely with regular onsite visits.
These end users Printers all run the CTP systems with full satisfaction due to our robust quality, seamless remote service, thorough training and maintanence. If you are a printer who is considering purchasing directly from EcooGraphix China, there is no hasle on installations, training and after sales service. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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