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920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor

920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor
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Type: Solvent Based Flexo Plate Making Machine
Page Size: Max. 920mm*680mm
Plate Thickness: 1.14mm - 3.94mm
Electricity Requirement: Single Phase 220V 50/60Hz
Working Power: 3.5KW
Machine Size (WxLxH)mm: 1650x1160x1300
High Light:

Flexo CTP Plate Processor


Solvent Based CTP Plate Processor


3.5KW CTP Plate Processor

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EcooGraphix
Certification: ISO9000, CE
Model Number: ECOO FP-900
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
Delivery Time: 20 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets/Year
Product Description


 920*680mm Multi-functional Processor Solvent Based Flexo Plate Processor 









Regardless of the PS plate or the CTP plate, a processing machine is required for processing the plate after the exposure is completed. EcooGraphix CTP Processor can be used with Offline/ Online Thermal CTP or CTCP or UV-CTP platesetters, such as Kodak, Screen, Agfa, Creo, Amsky or Cron CTP machines.





  Machine Features 


◇ Multi-functional solvent-base flexo plate making machine, allows for exposure, wash-out, drying and de-tacking.


◇ AIO design, save space, suitable for small format Flexo CTP Machine.


◇ MPU central control panel makes operation easy.


◇ Adopt imported UV lamps and electronic ballast.


◇ Strong vacuum device and sucking air plate.


◇ Circle thermostatic air drying device assures.


◇ Accurate and stable re-productivity of the original colors and graphics.







Flexo Plate Processing AIO Machine(AIO, All in one model)



Page Size

Max. 920mm*680mm

Plate Thickness

1.14mm - 3.94mm

Electricity Requirement

Single phase 220V 50/60Hz

Working Power


Machine Size (WxLxH)mm



Flexo Plate Processing AIO Machine(AIO, All in one model)
Model FP-900
Page Size Max. 920mm*680mm
Plate Thickness 1.14mm - 3.94mm
Electricity Requirement Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Working Power 3.5KW

Machine Size (WxLxH)mm






  Caution And Process 


1) Do not run the feature of ‘water temperature’ before you and solvent in the solvent tank.
2) Use three pin leg for the power supply of the machine, the power supply must with the earth connection.
3) Don’t open the cover(Figure 1) when washing the resin plate.
4) The power supply is 220V 50-60Hz.
5) Keep it on for 20 minutes after you finished your work.
920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 0
The progress of working:
 Adjust the brush 
Put the solvent into the solvent tank; and the level of the solvent must lesser than the brush top (0.5-1.0cm). Then wet the brush with solvent and close the cover. Observe the washing flat, if the four sides of the washing flat have the solvent (it means the brush is just touching the solvent), it is suitable for washing. If not, you have to set the height of the brush. There is one fixable screw in four side of the brush, set the height of the screw to adjust the level of the brush till the brush is just touching the washing flat. (Caution: It is better for you to use the water to replace the solvent to adjust the level of the brush, but you have to put the solvent to the solvent tank till the water is dry, because the water and the solvent are not compatible, it means you have to wait till the water is dry to use the machine).
920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 1 
 The progress of operation (Figure 2): 
First, set the machine in the airy space and check the power supply is working. Press the power (there is a power connection for all section -- ‘power’, turn it on) to open the machine. Maybe it will wink once because of the power but it is normal.
 Set the parameter 
Press button 1 to choose up and press the button 5 to choose down (choose the different feature). For example, press the button 5, the light is winking in ‘Exposure time’, press it again it will wink in ‘Wash-out time’ and so on. Set the parameter for all functions. When the light is winking, press button 2 and 4 to choose the digit (button 2 is to choose right, button is to choose left). When the digit is winking you can set the parameter. Press button 1 and 5 to add and reduce parameter (button 1 is to add parameter; button 5 is to reduce the parameter). After the setting you have to press button 3 (set) to fix the parameter that you had chosen.
After setting the parameter, you can press every function to run it. When the working time is enough it will stop automatic and voice out few times to show you the working (you can try and check all functions to know it well before you use it).
 Exposure function (Figure 1 and 2): 
Pull out the function 6 (Exposure section) and roll up the transparent plastic film. Put the film on your resin plate and put it on the flat and press the button 6 (vacuum button) and cover it with the transparent plastic film bit by bit (so that the air will be made out better). (Caution: make sure that your film and the transparent plastic film is clean, no water, no dust no solvent and so on. The resin plate is a little bigger than your film so that the vacuum pump can work better). Observe the window of the vacuum pointer (it is in the right of the machine and it shows the working of pump, the work is good when it is pointing between 0.08 &-0.1) Push the Exposure flat into the machine and press ‘Exposure time’ and it will work. When it is finished, it will stop and voice out few times to show you the working. Pull out the function 6 (exposure section) again and press button 6 to stop the work of pump. Roll up the transparent plastic film and get the film and resin plate.
 Washing and drying (Figure 1 and 2) 
Paste the resin plate to the section 2 Washing flat and press the button ‘Wash-out time’ and close the cover. It will work. You have to watch it out when it is finished (because it is not good for the resin plate and your finished goods if the resin plate is in the solvent longer). The washing time is 3-6 minutes; it depends on the thickness of your resin plate. After it is stopped, open the cover and test it whether is it clean or not with you finger. Touch the blank area (no words and no picture area), if it is sticky you can close the cover and wash it for a while again till it is better (but the washing time is lesser is better). After that get the resin plate out and put it into the function 8
 Drying section 
(before you use this function you have to run it 5-10 minutes earlier so that the drying work will be better and faster). To sure that the drying works is enough and it depends on the thickness of your resin plate (if the thickness is thicker, like 3.94mm and the drying time will be better for 1 hours long; If it is 1.7mm and 40 minutes is enough, it is not the only way to judge the drying time, if the resin plate is straight, you do not need to wait to get the resin plate out. It needs your experience). If the washing works is not enough (there is somewhere is not clean and you can paste the resin plate on the Washing flat to wash it again, but it is better that it is finished once).
 Second expose section (Figure 1 and 2) 
After drying, put the resin plate into the function 7 Second expose section and press the button ‘Second expose time’. Usually, the parameter for it is 4-8 minutes; it depends on your experience and the resin plate and so on. It is use to make the resin plate is steadier for printing.
 All are finished. 
After one or two years, the lambs will be weaker; you have to change one new set exposure lamb. The lamb is use with Philip s 15W exposure lamp. You can get it in your location. Change the lamp (Figure 2). Pull out the function 6 Exposure section, after that you can pull out the control board and all constructs of electronic design will show in front of you. It is easy for you to change the new lamps for it.
After 1 year, the oil in the pump is not enough, so that the working of exposure is not good. If the oil is not enough, it causes the sucking strength is lesser. It will influence the effect of exposure. You have to check the oil of the pump. Open the cover of the machine (it is in the back of the machine, it is use few screws to fix the stainless steel clover into the machine). The pump is fixed under it. There is a transparent window in the side of the pump. When the level of the oil is under the red line, you have to add some oil (the oil is special, it is use for the vacuum pump only, you can buy it from the vacuum pump shop or somewhere, it is very cheap) into the pump.

  Producing And Packaging 


From producing to delivery, we make every details very carefully to guarantee the good product quality and service to customers.


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 2


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 3


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 4


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 5





  Installation Cases 


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 6


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 7







920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 8


920mm*680mm Solvent Based Flexo CTP Plate Processor 9









 Q1: What are your main products ? 

A: Our main products are the Prepress 4up and 8up Online/Offline Thermal CTP, CTCP, VLF CTP, Flexo CTP, Processor, Offset Plates, Offset Inks, Offset Printing Blankets, Postpress Packing Equipment and so on.

You can get the equipment and consumables all in one and no worry about the after-sales service from our company.




 Q2: Where is your factory ? 

A: Our CTP Processor machine factory is in Shanghai, you are warmly welcome to visit our factory!




 Q3: Is there any certification for your CTP Processor 

A: Yes, all our machines have been certified by SGS and CE.




 Q4: Can you also supply the Workflow and RIP ? 

A: Yes, we can provide the Workflow Brainnew and RIP Compose V12.


 Q5: What about the installation and after-sales technician support ? 

A: Our engineer can go to help the installation and provide the necessary training. The buyer should take the round air plane tickets, service charge and the local accommodation cost. Any problems or questions, we will be at your disposal 7x24 hours. Among our large amount of CTP installations worldwide, there are also many end users(printers) who have purchased the CTP products from EcooGraphix China directly and EcooGraphix technical service team support these installations remotely with regular onsite visits.


These end users printers all run the CTP systems with full satisfaction due to our robust quality, seamless remote service, thorough training and maintanence. If you are a printer who is considering purchasing directly from EcooGraphix China, there is no hassle on installations, training and after sales service. We guarantee your satisfaction.






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