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How To Make Wine Labels More Attractive?

December 15, 2023

Latest company news about How To Make Wine Labels More Attractive?

                                  How To Make Wine Labels More Attractive?


   With the popularity of privately customized wines. The output of this kind of wine will not be particularly large, and there will be less demand for purchasing labels and higher requirements for personalization. This self-adhesive wine label can be digitally printed to achieve variable information printing. With the popularization of laser die-cutting, digital die-cutting, digital hot stamping, and digital UV technology equipment, the post-printing processing problem of small batch labels has also been solved.

  Digital cold stamping technology has been widely used in self-adhesive wine labels. The so-called digital cold stamping technology combines digital printing and cold stamping technology, and uses digital printing equipment to spray UV composite glue onto the printing substrate. It is a process in which the surface of the object is combined with cold-stamping anodized aluminum and UV-cured to form hot-stamping graphics and text. The biggest feature of this technology is that the hot stamping pattern on each label can be changed, and the glue thickness can reach a certain level. It can achieve the same packaging effect as traditional silk screen or embossing technology by reducing costs.

 EcooSpark is the digital varnish and cold foil embalishment equipment with hundreds of installations worldwide.


  EcooSpark can also use spot varnishing technology to print variable QR codes on labels. After buying wine, consumers can scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of the product. This method has a relatively high production cost and caan be effectively used. to the anti-counterfeiting effect. In addition, relevant quality traceability information can also be added to the variable QR code, which can not only achieve anti-counterfeiting but also achieve quality traceability.



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