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How To Choose a UV Varnish Spot Coating Machine

January 10, 2024

Latest company news about How To Choose a UV Varnish Spot Coating Machine

How To Choose a UV Varnish Spot Coating Machine


   The Varnish glazing or Coating machine is an important equipment for surface finishing and production of packaging products such as cartons and cartons. It plays a very important role in improving the surface properties of printed products and improving the wear resistance, stain resistance and water resistance of printed products. 

   How to purchase a UV varnishing machine that suits your actual living conditions is not only related to production efficiency, but also to product quality. Therefore, the following aspects should be considered when purchasing a Spot Coating machine:

1. Consider energy factors
Under the objective circumstances of energy shortage and product price competition, choosing a glazing machine with low energy consumption is a factor that factories should consider.

2. Consider factors such as the production capacity and technical strength of the manufacturing plant.
Professional and well-known manufacturers of survival glazing machines generally have relatively standardized production processes, relatively strong production capacity and technical strength, and good after-sales services. The performance and quality of the glazing machines they produce are relatively stable, so it is best to choose Glazing machines produced by professional manufacturers are more beneficial to the factory's production and quality control.

3. Consider the characteristics of the print and product quality factors
According to the actual situation of the factory, the quantity, type, form of glazing and product grade, etc., comprehensive consideration and reasonable selection of glazing machines suitable for the characteristics of your own products will be the direction of corporate procurement control to improve production efficiency, economic benefits and product quality. 

4. Factors related to equipment price and factory’s economic strength
With the continuous development of the printing and packaging industry, many post-press processing equipment manufacturers are seizing the opportunity to continuously develop and produce glazing equipment with various types of production capabilities according to the development and changes of the packaging and printing product market, which has formed a new situation in the market. The market situation in which high-end, mid-range and low-end glazing equipment coexist has better satisfied the needs of different users for glazing machines. Therefore, there are certain differences in the prices of various glazing machines. For printing and packaging plants, they are faced with the problem of price positioning when purchasing equipment. Whether to purchase mid- to high-end equipment or a cheaper general-purpose varnishing machine depends on the strength and strength of the project. Determined by actual production conditions.

5. Factors affecting factory and market development prospects
When purchasing glazing machines, you must also consider purchasing equipment with cash production capabilities from a strategic perspective and long-term interests. Many companies have ignored market development and changing factors and purchased low-end glazing equipment with poor production capacity based only on the production conditions at that time. As a result, as the market develops and production capacity increases, the machines are no longer suitable. And scrapped. Therefore, the purchase of glazing equipment must be foresighted by the market, and try to get it in place at one time, so that the equipment can maintain the use effect of "outdated and not obsolete"


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