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Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix
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Product Name: Sheet Paper Cutter
Max. Cutting Width: 1400mm
Cutting Speed: 400cuts/Min
Cutting Length: 400-1450mm
Feeding Pile Height: The Up Knife Cut Reciprocally And The Down Knife I
Max. Paper Stacking Height: 1500mm
Application: Paper Packaging Materials, Stickers Products
Specification: 12000*4300*2400mm
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EcooGraphix
Certification: CE
Model Number: HSC1400
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard Exporting Package: Polywood Carton
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 500 Sets/ Year
Product Description

Servo Precision High Speed Printing Sheet Paper Cutter


Product Description


-HSC web cutting machine apply the advanced technique from Britain
-The machine is transmitted by servo motor.
-The speed of cutting paper is fast and stable.
-Germany precise bear and cutting knife assure the high cutting precision.
-Touch screen computer interface control, simple operation, reasonable structure, anti-music stands, to ensure smooth paper.
-This machine is the paper processing machine which is very popular in the paper making and printing industry and will improve the efficiency and benefit for your company to a large extent.



Model: Ecoo HSC-1400

Cutting type: The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed.

Applicable range of paper: 50-550g

Max. paper roll diameter: 1800mm

Max. paper-cutting width: 1400mm

Range of cutting length: 400-1450mm

Cutting sheet number: 2 sheet

Cutting precision: Cutting length < 1000mm: ± 0.3mm ± 0.05% for cutting paper length >1000mm

Max. cutting speed: 400cuts/min

Max. cutting meter speed: 300m/min

Max. paper stacking height: 1500mm

Air pressure source requirement: 0.8Mpa

Design power: 380V, 28kw, 3Phase, 50Hz

Gross weight: 13000kg reference

Machine Size: 12000*4300*2400mm

Model Ecoo HSC-1400
Cutting type       The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed.      
Applicable range of paper 50-550g
Max. paper roll diameter 1800mm
Max. paper-cutting width 1400mm
Range of cutting length 400-1450mm
Cutting sheet number 2 sheet
Cutting precision Cutting length < 1000mm: ± 0.3mm
± 0.05% for cutting paper length >1000mm
Max. cutting speed 400cuts/min
Max. cutting meter speed 300m/min
Max. paper stacking height 1500mm
      Air pressure source requirement       0.8Mpa
Design power 380V, 28kw, 3Phase, 50Hz
Gross weight 13000kg reference
Machine Size 12000*4300*2400mm

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 0

Machine Spare Parts

1. High-precision single knife cutting machine
2. Auto Prismatic adjustment system for paper
3. Middle slitting and waste collection paper system
4. Automatic counting and label inserting equipment (count marking )
5. Paper transporting equipment
6. Electrical controlling system
7. Driving motor
8. Accessory
9. Double lime pneumatic shaft paper rack (2 roll stand )
10. Auto jogger system, motor controlled rope paper piling stand

Unwinded stand
Type: double arm type for paper core 3"6"12" Roll Rack
2 unwinds pick-up type located at the rear of the machine structurally sized to be able to hold reel of a weight approximately 1500kgs. The up and down movements are all hydraulic and are directly controlled from the console by selectors that control the solenoid valves.
Oil pressure to control the paper arm before and after closing and moving and lifting. Lifting movement capable of stable and rapid, more simple and convenient operation.

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 1

Cutting unit
On the knife the British cutter method to reduce the load and noise when the cutter extend cutter life.
On knife roller body to steel welding gave precision machining, and dynamic balance adjustment, effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the high-speed operation.
Under the knife: knife block with cast iron integrally molded casting, precision machining, good stability.
The back cutter: made of special steel precision knife processing, long life blade easily adjustable.

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 2

Electronic control (the Yaskawa servo and Siemens PLC)
TPC7062KS and Yaskawa Processor communication, Mainly used in the production of data input equipment operating status monitoring, and system failure alarm indication. The rotating series drives Yaskawa the JAPAN company Yaskawa I quick drive, based on the production of man-machine interface input parameters from the actual speed traction roller encoder feedback and accurate positioning.

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 3

The conveyor and paper collection system by jogger
Conveyor system with mult-stage: from high speed to low speed. First to separate the cut paper quickly, and then overlap the paper, then collect and pile the paper.
Lift stacked set paper sets, the paper stack to a considerable height, that is automatically dropped. The stacker table has three sides shake finishing function, the side of the motor to drive the paper, the paper, on both sides by high-quality motor jogger to adjust the amplitude of the paper manually to improve the simplicity and safety of the operation.

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 4

Curly Device
Curly device is in the paper roll before slitting device to eliminate the roll curl or fold device,in order to the stability of the paper roll tension.The paper roll first passes through (to the edge of the roll) components into the deconvolution device, the rollers are guide roll

Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 5

The new Anti curvature device
Effectively remove the curl of the roll to make the paper more flat, more conducive the paper roll tension stability.

Squareness adjustment system (Auto Prismatic adjustment system for paper):
Adjust squareness of paper, our engineer will fix it by once, and operator no need to readjust.

Slitting knife
Three sets of slitting knife is used to trim and middle slitting.


Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 6

Adjust The Angle Automaticlly (paper aligning system)
The precision of the stepper motor is controlled by the length of the cut precision screw adjustment the inclination of the knife group, to effectively ensure the straight angle of the edge of the cut sheer ,reducing waste time manually adjust the angle of error rate and adjustment.

Automatic paper jam stop:
Have sensor to give signals to the system if there are any paper jam occur at conveyor, and the machine will stop immediately to save the papers.

Automatic marking machine:
With precise count after insert marking, operators only need to input on the man-machine interface to after the number of paper, can be in accordance with the Settings to marking the quantity of paper

The main machine structure (Knife holder and holder stand)
The main machine wall through finite element analysis, mechanical vibration analysis and optimization of the frame, USES the high quality nodular cast iron for the integration of design, and through precision machining, perfect the resonance phenomenon between the transmission components, make the operation more stable, improve the service life of the bearing parts.

Web-guide system
Strict process quality control, servo control system durable, maintenance-free, fine processing, high dynamic response, no buffering, accurate positioning, driver limit digital adjustable. Display can be automatically set to sleep for automatic operation, which can save energy. The large screen displays in real time, and the system running status is clear inside.

Driving Motors:
1. AC Servo motor & encoder for cross knife
2. AC motor & frequency transformer for high speed conveyer and low speed conveyor
3. AC motor for up & down paper piling stand
4. AC motor for joggers
5. AC motor for unwind stand
6. AC motor for collecting waste edge

More Details


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Sheet Paper Cutter Servo Precision High Speed Printing EcooGraphix 8


1. What are your main products?
We Ecoographix is a specialized supplier of printing machines and consumables. We cover both digital printing and offset printing,
including prepress, pressroom and post press, focusing on packaging printing and book printing.
We have hundreds of users all over the world. We bring forward top quality of Chinese printing products to meet diversified printing requirements.

2. Where is your factory?
Our sale office is in Hangzhou, one hour by train away from Shanghai. Our factories are in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Suzhou and Nanyang.

3. What is your warranty?
One year for machine and printing head if use our ink. One year for machine only if do not use our ink.

4. What is the Lead Time?
Usually 30 days, and we will try our best to meet your demands.

5. What about the Installation and after-sales technician support?
Our engineer can go to help the installation and provide the necessary training. The buyer should take the round air plane tickets and service charge
and the local accommodation cost. Any problems or questions, we will be at your disposal 7x24 hours.

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